There is a change coming…

TV From Monday, 4th February, ABCtv is undergoing one of its most fundamental changes in its 52 years: changing it’s name! The channel will be known as ‘ABC1’ and will be relaunching an all new presentation package to coincide with the renaming, timed for the start of the official ratings period.

 The purpose of the revamp was to acknowledge the increasingly dominant digital environment, as well as to emphasise the presence of ABC2, as well as the forthcoming ABC3.

 ABC2 will also be getting a refresh on the same day, with new logo, presentation and schedule.

ABC1’s slogan will be ‘It Begins With a 1’, while ABC2 goes with ‘Bring Out The 2 In You’

UPDATE: It is now appearing more likely that the relaunch will take place on Monday the 11th Feburary. (2 dates from 2 sources!) I will bring you more confirmation as soon as it happens.


5 Responses to There is a change coming…

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  3. matt cook says:

    And your source is?

  4. […] to the ABC blog, the channel will be re-launched with a new look and the ne name change on Monday February 4th and […]

  5. Andy says:

    Hi Matt,

    my source for this is a contact, who is a staff member. I cannot be more specific. As I say in my ‘About’ section – I receive tips, and I post them in good faith. 🙂

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