ABC television has relaunched as ‘ABC1’ and ‘ABC2’ today, with brand new presentation graphics, designed by ‘Zspace’, and new programmes heralding the changes.

For viewers, the changes are all explained on a special website set up at: 

ABC1 has the following logo:


The network idents match people giving short stories, with stylish animation, to give a surreal and magical story scene. 


The new slogan for the channel is ‘It Begins With 1’


ABC2 has been rebranded also.


It’s idents feature people often in eerily connected actions, with the colour yellow featured somewhere on the person, similar to the use of red by BBC ONE.


The new slogan for the channel is ‘It Connects To’ (which creates a continuity with the ABC1 slogan, resulting in the full slogan being: ‘It begins with 1, it connects to 2’  

channel locations

The channels are now also located at new positions on the digital platform, with ABC1 taking ABC2’s previous location.

new promo

And new promos have launched announcing not only the changes, but highlighting new drama and documentary programmes for the coming year. New promos use the coloured logo box on screen, as do the idents, in another element reminiscent of the BBC.

Finally, the ABC television website has relaunched, with new areas and a colour scheme identical to the on screen identity, although a full rollout of changes online is not expected for several months.

Overall, a very exciting and fresh new look for the National Broadcaster.

UPDATE: below are some videos of the new look (with thanks to John at

Above: an ABC1 ident featuring Collectors host, Andy Muirhead

Above: an ABC1 ident featuring a firefighter

Above: a collection of the new idents for ABC1

Above: a collection of the new ABC2 idents

UPDATE#2 – while overall the new package has been warmly received, there have been anrgy responses to the new watermarks on both channels. It will be interesting to see if changes are made, as has previously been the case to past unpopular ABC watermarks.



  1. Bob says:

    You sure that the LCN change has happened? (eg abc2 to 22)
    Some bits of the ABC website say it happens on 8th others say not till the 11th.

  2. Andy says:

    no, it hasn’t – but expect it very soon. as you say, probably monday.

  3. Joseph says:

    The watermark makes me cry 😦

  4. Anthony says:

    “Redefining television” alright.

    Those watermarks redefine disrespect to the viewer. They’re an absolute disgrace.

  5. imbestigador says:

    Wow! I do Love it!

    But could the ABC change the Watermarks? it’s too…..Hmp!

  6. Dan Barrett says:

    Is it wrong that I kind of like their new watermark?

  7. Andy says:

    Yes, Dan, it is. You must do penance 😉

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