ABC Online Relaunches


The ABC continues to relaunch it’s websites. Following on from the successful recent relaunches of ABC Television, ABC News and Triple J (and the appallingly bad relaunch of ‘ABC Local’, which continues to be very user unfriendly, gaudy and rushed), the ABC has relaunched it’s homepage.

Sporting a new green and grey look, which harks back to the look the homepage had in the early years of the decade, the homepage now is simplified, with less text and more links. Each section has it’s own ‘pod’ and flash is used generously.

Radio streaming from the homepage is also a priority, and local weather and radio remains on the right hand side of the page.

The only problem with the refresh is the lack of innovation it offers users. This was a fantastic opportunity for the ABC to create a homepage which was adaptable to the user. Looking at the recently relaunched BBC Homepage ( ) demonstrates the possibilities. on the BBC Homepage, users can decide what to display: don’t want the ‘Television pod’? click on ‘remove’ and it’s gone! You can customise the news sections displayed, and even what colour you want!

The ABC homepage, while visually an improvement on the past one, is none the less already outdated by not offering cusotmisation. A great opportunity missed.


One Response to ABC Online Relaunches

  1. Kenneth says:

    Actually, there is no Flash used. All the various “pod’s” use Javascript for the changing content.

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