ABC To Sell Shops?


A bizarre and worrying rumour has emerged.

Crikey is reporting that the ABC is secretly planning to sell off it’s 40+ ABC Shops, possibly to Dymocks, which already operate some of the more than 60 ‘ABC Centres’, within their bookshops.

Such a move seems ridiculous. Why would you sell off the only aspect of the Corporation which makes, rather than spends, money?

Could it perhaps be an identification by ABC Commercial Head Lynley Marshall of the inefficiency and poor management quality of those at the top of the ABC Shop hierarchy? Possibly. Or could she have lookd at the BBC Shops, which were recently closed in favour of an online store? Already ABC Shop Online makes more profit per annum than any other ABC Shop, with the exception of the flagship ‘Queen Victoria Building’ store in Sydney’s CBD.

This news comes on top of the plan to outsource production staff at the ABC (which Crikey estimates could involve the sacking of around 800 staff). The ABC will certainly be a far leaner organisation if these plans come to fruition…but will it be for the better in the long run?  


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