September 19, 2009

there’s a new place to go to get all your news on the ABC.

ABC TV Blog is the new official blog for all news and info on the ABC.

It also contains links to the ABC facebook and Twitter pages, to give you even more opportunities to follow the ABC online.

So go there, now!

This blog will no longer be updated.


Breakfast, with Virginia and Peter

June 14, 2008

Excellent news!

The ABC has confirmed that the ABC’s new breakfast news programme ‘Breakfast’ will begin screening on ABC2 in September.

The programme, to be broadcast out of Melbourne, will be presented by award winning journalists Virginia Trioli and Peter Lyoyd.

The programme will broadcast Monday to Friday from 6am until 10am – far longer than the programmes rivals, and that’s before factoring a lack of ads into the equation!

Of course, ABC2 still has a small audience, only 40% of households can even receive it. But all that will change over the next 5 years and soon Breakfast will be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

It will also be a testing ground for the ABC’s new Continuous News Centre – with the hope that the programme will eventually morph into ABC4 – a 24 hour news channel.  

The ABC Blog up and running!

January 25, 2008

Welcome to TheABCBlog. THis is a place for ABC fanatics to get their fix of ABC related tid-bits. It will include news/reviews/info, as well as little previews and gossip.

I am aiming to eventaully have videos as well – however this is not guaranteed.

I welcome ALLLLLL comments, as well as tips, news, info (particularly any ABC insiders who want to pass on anonymous info) .

Click on ‘contact’ at the top of the blog if you wish to speak to me, either by posting or email. I welcome every feedback.

And please post your comments on the posts…and if you feel I am neglecting something, by all means let me know, so I can include it…after all, it *is* ‘Everyone’s ABC. 🙂