Channel explosion!

March 12, 2008

ABC Innovation 

The ABC today has begun the process of launching some brand new channels.

First was the launch of ‘ABC playback’. ‘ABC Playback’ allows internet users with fast (ADSL2) download speeds access to tv quality downloads of ABC programmes.

 Second is the ‘ABC Shop Player’, which allows internet users to purchase programmes which are on sale at ABC Shops. This service bridges the gap between the old style of retail, and genuine online trading. This service will expand in time and include many archived programmes.

Finally is ‘ABC Real’, which will allow users to watch the ABC’s huge natural history documentary archives, in all their glory.

A further, and some would argue more interesting development has also come to light – the ABC is launching a 24 hour news service….but only internally. Not in any way a traditional channel, more of a resource, however it lays the groundwork to enable a future news channel to operate. Something which would be most welcome by many people.

In addition, the local radio website relaunches, as mentionned in previous blog posts here has launched today, though with errors on most pages. Working to a deadline for a massive project can do that. No doubt the web development team will be hard at work over the coming weeks fixing the errors. Regardless, it is a fantastic addition to the ABC’s online presence. 


Coming Soon…

March 11, 2008

ABC Innovation 

Fresh from renaming ‘JTV’ to the cumbersome ‘Triple J TV’, Triple J have launched a brand new website. now utilises far more flash animation, and integrates all of the Triple J operations.

A facelift for the ‘4 Corners’ website, which has a new producer, Sue Spencer, and has increased its viewers this year, is in the works. The model will be that of other news sites such as the ‘7.3O Report’ site, with greater emphasis on video.

By far, though, the biggest facelift will be for local radio. will be launch pad for the biggest web development task the ABC has undertaken. Each local radio station will get a new site (Perth being first) and each site will offer not only local radio details, but specialised local news and information pages. As well as a greater emphasis on podcasting and streaming. The red colour scheme will be retained for the radio stations, but the overall look of the local sites will be green and black.

The ABC is also close to launching a website where viewers can download or stream classic ABC programmes…for a fee. The need to raise revenue coupled with the demand for archival material is behind the move. New programmes will continue to be free to watch online, for the time being.

The ABC has received more than 2400 formal complaints since the introduction of the new ‘prominant’ watermark last month. Changes have already been made, and there are suggestions that more radical changes are on their way in response to the complaints.

The ABC has joined with a consortium which includes Deloitte, Intel and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association in a bid to find new and unique digital content and concepts. The group sought and gained the input of the ABC, due to its unrivalled success in the digital and new media environment. More information is available at the group website 

The shape of things to come…on ABC1

February 6, 2008


Reports are coming in from the press launch today of the ABC’s television relaunch, which will take place on Friday immediately before the start of The Midday Report.

Kim Dalton, the Head of ABC Television said: “We are helping to reshape the way people use and interact with television by giving them more programs, more ways to view them and more flexibility around when and how they watch them, we have deliberately chosen an alternative path to other Australian networks – embracing true multi-channelling. Increasingly much of this content will be available on demand, online, as downloads, and streamed.” 

The new onscreen identity has been developed by ZSPACE, an award winning design house, which has been responsible for many of the ABC’s on screen packages for a variety of programmes.
At the same time, new programmes for ABC1 have been announced. These include: 

The Cut – a 6 part drama series starring John Wood.

Dirt Game – a 6 part drama series set in a mining town.

The Gruen Transfer – a 10 part expose on the advertising industry, hosted by Wil Anderson.

Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure –  a new comedy series written by popular comic Lawrence Leung and produced by The Chaser team.  

The Howard Years – a 4 part documentary.

Q&A – a new current affairs programme hosted by Lateline presenter Tony Jones.  

The ABC also announced it will launch an internet TV platform later in the year, as well as a high speed online programme dowload site, called ABC Playback

Exciting times ahead, from 12pm tomorrow!

Want to be part of some important research?

January 29, 2008

ABC Innovation

ABC Innovation is looking for people to help trial a new service.

 The ABC wants people with a 1.1 Mbps or faster broadband connection to take part in a trial for a new online video service. They are wanting to make improvements to the ABC Television downloads available online, as well as expand those programmes on offer.

 This is also foreshadowing the upcoming release of archival programmes for download for a small fee, which will be implemented later this year.

 To be part of the trial, go to this webpage, and fill in your email! After they contact you, and you take part, you will be required to fill in a short survey, and give feedback.