ABC Online Relaunches

April 19, 2008


The ABC continues to relaunch it’s websites. Following on from the successful recent relaunches of ABC Television, ABC News and Triple J (and the appallingly bad relaunch of ‘ABC Local’, which continues to be very user unfriendly, gaudy and rushed), the ABC has relaunched it’s homepage.

Sporting a new green and grey look, which harks back to the look the homepage had in the early years of the decade, the homepage now is simplified, with less text and more links. Each section has it’s own ‘pod’ and flash is used generously.

Radio streaming from the homepage is also a priority, and local weather and radio remains on the right hand side of the page.

The only problem with the refresh is the lack of innovation it offers users. This was a fantastic opportunity for the ABC to create a homepage which was adaptable to the user. Looking at the recently relaunched BBC Homepage ( ) demonstrates the possibilities. on the BBC Homepage, users can decide what to display: don’t want the ‘Television pod’? click on ‘remove’ and it’s gone! You can customise the news sections displayed, and even what colour you want!

The ABC homepage, while visually an improvement on the past one, is none the less already outdated by not offering cusotmisation. A great opportunity missed.


ABC: 2020 Vision

April 19, 2008

ABC logo

On the eve of the 2020 summit in Canberra, the ABC’s Managing Director, Mark Scott, has unveiled his vision for the state of the National Broadcaster in 2020.

Mr Scott aims to have 6 television channels, including the previously announced ABC3 children’s channel, ABC4: a 24/7 News Channel, ABC5: an educational channel and ABC6: a ‘best of’ channel.

Expansion of the radio networks is also planned, with new stations focussing on Country, Jazz, Swing, Hip-Hop, Metal, Childrens, Rural, Sport and Health.

Further expansion of online services is also advocated.

The central aims of the Corporation will be under the following banners: Universal, Local, International, Quality and Diversity, Innovation and Australian.

Of course all this is only possible if the ABC funding is increased to an adequate level, with July 2009 the date of the next triennial funding agreement starting.  

The full vision is avaialble to read here:

Channel explosion!

March 12, 2008

ABC Innovation 

The ABC today has begun the process of launching some brand new channels.

First was the launch of ‘ABC playback’. ‘ABC Playback’ allows internet users with fast (ADSL2) download speeds access to tv quality downloads of ABC programmes.

 Second is the ‘ABC Shop Player’, which allows internet users to purchase programmes which are on sale at ABC Shops. This service bridges the gap between the old style of retail, and genuine online trading. This service will expand in time and include many archived programmes.

Finally is ‘ABC Real’, which will allow users to watch the ABC’s huge natural history documentary archives, in all their glory.

A further, and some would argue more interesting development has also come to light – the ABC is launching a 24 hour news service….but only internally. Not in any way a traditional channel, more of a resource, however it lays the groundwork to enable a future news channel to operate. Something which would be most welcome by many people.

In addition, the local radio website relaunches, as mentionned in previous blog posts here has launched today, though with errors on most pages. Working to a deadline for a massive project can do that. No doubt the web development team will be hard at work over the coming weeks fixing the errors. Regardless, it is a fantastic addition to the ABC’s online presence. 


February 8, 2008


ABC television has relaunched as ‘ABC1’ and ‘ABC2’ today, with brand new presentation graphics, designed by ‘Zspace’, and new programmes heralding the changes.

For viewers, the changes are all explained on a special website set up at: 

ABC1 has the following logo:


The network idents match people giving short stories, with stylish animation, to give a surreal and magical story scene. 


The new slogan for the channel is ‘It Begins With 1’


ABC2 has been rebranded also.


It’s idents feature people often in eerily connected actions, with the colour yellow featured somewhere on the person, similar to the use of red by BBC ONE.


The new slogan for the channel is ‘It Connects To’ (which creates a continuity with the ABC1 slogan, resulting in the full slogan being: ‘It begins with 1, it connects to 2’  

channel locations

The channels are now also located at new positions on the digital platform, with ABC1 taking ABC2’s previous location.

new promo

And new promos have launched announcing not only the changes, but highlighting new drama and documentary programmes for the coming year. New promos use the coloured logo box on screen, as do the idents, in another element reminiscent of the BBC.

Finally, the ABC television website has relaunched, with new areas and a colour scheme identical to the on screen identity, although a full rollout of changes online is not expected for several months.

Overall, a very exciting and fresh new look for the National Broadcaster.

UPDATE: below are some videos of the new look (with thanks to John at

Above: an ABC1 ident featuring Collectors host, Andy Muirhead

Above: an ABC1 ident featuring a firefighter

Above: a collection of the new idents for ABC1

Above: a collection of the new ABC2 idents

UPDATE#2 – while overall the new package has been warmly received, there have been anrgy responses to the new watermarks on both channels. It will be interesting to see if changes are made, as has previously been the case to past unpopular ABC watermarks.

Want to be part of some important research?

January 29, 2008

ABC Innovation

ABC Innovation is looking for people to help trial a new service.

 The ABC wants people with a 1.1 Mbps or faster broadband connection to take part in a trial for a new online video service. They are wanting to make improvements to the ABC Television downloads available online, as well as expand those programmes on offer.

 This is also foreshadowing the upcoming release of archival programmes for download for a small fee, which will be implemented later this year.

 To be part of the trial, go to this webpage, and fill in your email! After they contact you, and you take part, you will be required to fill in a short survey, and give feedback.